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Feb 10, 2017: Growing the Game with Pura Vida by Joey Lohmann, 12th Grader

Surrounded by the culture of a Costa Rican beach town, I now have experienced the true essence of living a “pure life” or “Pura Vida.” Away from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area, I was able to unplug and live life without a constant buzz on my phone or news story flashing on the television…(Read MORE)


Feb 5, 2017: Changing the Game: The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports

As I said to my wife recently, the hardest thing about raising two kids these days, when it comes to sports, is that the vast majority of the parents are leading their kids down the wrong path, but not intentionally or because they want to harm their kids. They love their kids, but the social pressure to follow that path is incredible. Even though my wife and I were collegiate athletes, and I spend everyday reading the research, and studying the latest science on the subject, the pressure is immense…(Read MORE)

Jan 29, 2017: Fuller Youth Institute: The Only Six Words Parents Need to Say to Their Kids About Sports—Or Any Performance

Mainly I get concerned about the ways our culture obsesses about kids’ performance. All kinds of parental anxiety and dysfunction plays out on the sidelines and in the bleachers, and you only need walk to your local park to catch a glimpse for yourself. Sports have such potential to build character, perseverance, and skill. Sometimes they succeed, and other times coaches, parents, and mobs of hot-or-cold fans burn out or puff up kids in quite damaging ways…(Read MORE)

Jan 15, 2017: Costa Rica, Why We Serve

By harnessing the passion of the lacrosse community, we have the opportunity to make a positive social change in a small part of the world. Philosopher Frederick Buechner said, “Where our deep passion and the world’s deep hunger meet, there we find purpose.” Finding ways to use that which give us the greatest joy and those things at which we excel for the greater good of humanity brings to life a deep transformation, life-long satisfaction, and lasting fulfillment…(Read MORE).

Sept 15, 2015: Lacrosse coach Matt Bond talks about why he loves sports and what it’s taught him

I learned not to fear hard work, but to pursue it because the most rewarding things in life often come at the greatest cost and therefore require the deepest level of commitment. It doesn’t mean living without fear of failure but embracing the possibility of failure and yet committing to move forward in the direction of your goals regardless. I learned that mistakes and failures are often the only way forward and the best catalysts for growth…(Read MORE)

Dec 17, 2015: Mission Driven: How SixFifty Lacrosse is Leveraging Youth Sports to Develop Better Athletes, and Better People

When we arrive at SportsHouse in Redwood City, it’s noisy—there are tremendous numbers of kids engaged in everything from flag football to volleyball in the indoor space that spans a city block. Then, in walks Matt Bond, and quickly, he’s surrounded by lacrosse players. Only, they’re not noisy—they’re organized, and they’re ready to play almost before we can help Matt get the goals in place…(Read MORE)

Jan 24, 2013: High school boys who play lacrosse invited to compete in Costa Rica while participating in service projects

A local youth sports company is combining an unusual pair of ideas — competitive high school sports and socially-conscious service projects. SixFifty Lacrosse, led by Menlo-Atherton High School lacrosse coach Matt Bond, is planning a summer “Lax & Serve” trip to Costa Rica from June 13-21 for high school boys…(Read MORE)

Sept 29, 2013: Parent Resources for Youth Athletes

As if the last 8 or 10 years hasn’t been challenging enough, now your little buddy is approaching an exciting, difficult, and quite possibly the most formative time of their young life: adolescence. There’s no instruction manual and questions regarding identity, decision-making, ethics, morality, worldview, and priorities come up as regularly as Facebook updates. Sometimes it’s a breeze but all too often parenting can feel like stumbling around in the dark in an unfamiliar room hoping to find the light switch…(Read MORE)