Take your game to the next level with personalized instruction! SixFifty coaches are available to provide custom-tailored lessons for all levels of players via private and small group training formats. Whether you’re looking to improve your dodging, shooting, stick checks, goalie play, faceoff skills, or overall lacrosse IQ, SixFifty coaches provides an individualized assessment and pathway for improving vital elements of your game through customized lesson plans and personal attention. If you have the desire and motivation, you can take it to the next level!

SixFifty Director, Matt Bond, regularly holds private dodging/shooting/finishing lessons. Lessons are non-competitive and open to all ages and skill levels. Similar to a private golf or tennis lesson, sessions include:

  • Correct technique, footwork, stickwork, and mental imagery
  • Video analysis and breakdown of proper biomechanics
  • Personalized feedback, suggested home workouts, and documentation of progress

Just like a golf or tennis swing, a lacrosse shooting motion requires a nuanced understanding of mind and body working together. From layups to midrange jumpers to outside shots, discover how to put the ball in the back of the net and score more consistently!

Dodging is more than just putting your head down and running towards the goal. It begins with developing a moment-to-moment strategy that takes into account the defender, team defense, offensive spacing, angles of attack, and footwork among many other factors. Discover how to analyze a defender’s weakness, use a defender’s momentum against him, and beat your man more consistently!

Why Private Lessons?

Technical Knowledge of Lacrosse Mechanics

Lacrosse is a complex game, requiring fundamentally sound individual mechanics and critical team concepts. SixFifty coaches have the playing and coaching experience as well as the education and communication gifts to help young players improve their game.


You are like no other player on the field. The intricate combination of your strengths and weaknesses are unique to you. A formulaic or one-size-fits-all training plan will not do. SixFifty coaches are able to customize a training plan that suits you best.

Motivation and Inspiration

We know you’re fired up to play lacrosse! But sometimes it helps to have an experienced player and coach who’s already reached their dreams to walk alongside and show you how they did it so you can do it too.

Intentional Time

Life is short and you want to make the most of it. SixFifty coaches will help you make the most of your private or small group lesson by running a session that makes the most of your time.


SixFifty coaches are experienced coaching professionals with years of coaching playing and coaching the game and working with young people. We are 100% committed to seeing you improve, succeed, and reach your goals. Our method of coaching will improve your game.

Get Better. Be Great.

Standard Pricing:
$75 per hour for individual lessons
$50 per hour for 2-4 players
$35 per hour for 5-6 players (6 players is the maximum for a private training session)
Please contact Coach Bond at to schedule private lessons or small group training.