Why We Serve


Throughout the year, SixFifty offers young men and women the opportunity to serve and give back to a number of different communities. By harnessing the passion of the lacrosse community and engaging under-served groups, we have the opportunity to make a positive social change in a small part of the world, wherever we may be.

Philosopher Frederick Buechner said, “Where our deep passion and the world’s deep hunger meet, there we find purpose.” Finding ways to use that which give us the greatest joy, those things of which we have great passion, and those things at which we excel for the greater good of humanity brings to life a deep transformation, life-long satisfaction, and lasting fulfillment. There’s no better time than high school to learn how to do this in life!

We’re so excited for what these experiences could mean in the lives of student-athletes in our area. No doubt, there are many young men and women that LOVE lacrosse in our area. Part of our roles as parents and coaches is to help our young people discover creative positive ways to engage their passions like athletics for their own journey towards adulthood. But how many of our players have considered that their love of athletics could also be used to help change a small part of the world? Service experiences  introduce young people to the idea that authentic joy comes through serving others and gives them concrete examples of how they can use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place. Along the way, players will experience a great sense of family, lots of lacrosse, and life-changing adventure!