Costa Rica ’17: Day Six

By Matthew Howley, 12th Grader, St Francis High School

Today was our last day in Costa Rica. Many of us (myself included) could not believe that this trip was nearing its end. Even though we were sad about leaving, we still had work we needed to complete. After everyone finished their breakfast, we all gathered an assortment of arts and crafts ranging from construction paper to face painting kits that we brought to Samara Elementary.

When we presented our arts and crafts to the students, they were immediately overcome with glee. For the next hour, everyone was enjoying themselves doing various activities like making paper airplanes and drawing on scratch pads. When we finally had to say goodbye to the students we were sad, but at the same time saw how much joy we had brought to them.

After a quick and tasty bite to eat, we all continued painting the wall that surrounds the school. With high temperatures and humidity, painting the wall was not as easy as we had anticipated. However, we were able to get help, as the girls lacrosse team agreed to help us complete the task at hand. When the wall was finally adorned with a fresh coat of paint everyone was tired and hungry, however we were all satisfied with the work we had accomplished.

After cleaning up from painting we all went to the beach for one final dip in the ocean. Once we said our final goodbyes to the beach, we devoured some pizza and soda. As the day, and trip, began to wind down everyone met in the pool house to reflect on the work and experiences we had all shared.