Costa Rica Interview: Dos Lenguas Dos Almas Podcast

Last week on a short trip to Playa Samara, Costa Rica, I had the pleasure of working with Matt Bond, the director of the San Francisco Bay Area based SixFifty Lacrosse club. I was very grateful that Matt carved time out of his schedule to talk with me. He was traveling with his wife, Katie, […]

Costa Rica ’17: The Video

Video by Nicky Mullen, Words by Matt Bond It’s difficult to sum up in a few words all that we experienced on our trip. The first few days after a trip like this can be magical as the memories and moments float through our minds. We instantly recall the larger moments – playing lacrosse, painting […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day Six

By Matthew Howley, 12th Grader, St Francis High School Today was our last day in Costa Rica. Many of us (myself included) could not believe that this trip was nearing its end. Even though we were sad about leaving, we still had work we needed to complete. After everyone finished their breakfast, we all gathered […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day Five

By Brendan Murphy, 10th Grader, Menlo School Day 5 started with an amazing breakfast at 7:30 am. Next we went to the Carrillo field to play lacrosse with the Costa Rican national team for the second time this trip. First we practiced with them and showed them some new drills and skills to practice. After […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day Four

By Andres Simbeck, 10th Grader, Menlo School Day 4 started out with some delicious rice and beans and eggs for breakfast starting at 9 o’clock. We then proceeded to do a beach clean up where we found a lot of trash and even a puffer fish! Right after that amazing experience, we went straight into […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day Three

By Alex Strauch, 10th Grader, San Ramon Valley High School The day began with an early morning with breakfast at 7am. Fueled up, we headed to Carrillo Elementary to lead a lacrosse clinic for the students of the school. We began with throwing, catching, and practicing ground balls. Then we split into teams and scrimmaged, […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day Two

By Chris DiSibio, 11th Grader, Menlo-Atherton High School Waking up in the warm Costa Rican weather on our first full day feels incredible. Also, knowing we get to start our day zip lining through the beauty of Costa Rica got me out of bed right away. This being my first time zip lining, I feel […]

Costa Rica ’17: Day One

By Ryan Murphy, 11th Grader, Menlo School Today we spent most of the day traveling. Having just got off the red eye and a 6 hour drive (with a stop for ice cream and team pic next to an unusual statue…), everyone was pretty exhausted and ready to rest.  However, after consuming some quality arroz […]

Costa Rica ’17, Pre-Trip Thoughts

By Cam Baker, 11th Grader, Menlo-Atherton High School Coming from a community as fortunate as mine, I cannot help but feel as if my blessings as well as my tight-knit and supportive family have blinded my outlook on the rest of the world. It is for this reason that I reached out to Matt Bond, […]

Growing the Game with Pura Vida

By Joey Lohmann, 12th grader, Menlo-Atherton High: Curious and cramped. Two words to describe my teammates and I in the van ride from the airport in Liberia, Costa Rica to Playa Samara. My lacrosse team, SixFifty Lacrosse led by Matt Bond, was headed on a “Lax and Serve” mission to better the lives of native […]