I am a transformational coach who has the position, power and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of my players.

The purpose of my coaching is to: help boys become men and girls become women of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good.

I am mindful to never shame a player, but to correct in an uplifting way. Affirmation! I believe in every player. Remember, “In youth is where miracles are made.”

I protect our players. I am big enough to build up, not tear down. Kids are getting attacked from many places that we don’t often see and of which we are not aware.

My job is to put players in a position where they can develop to their fullest potential through proper teaching and nurturing. Each player is part of our family, deserves every chance to succeed and deserves the utmost respect.

Coaches can disagree in meetings but never in front of our players or anyone else outside of our family. Disagreements are saved for private meetings.

Our players are student-athletes and we are teacher-coaches. We hold ourselves accountable as teachers of young men and women and the lessons they need in order to navigate masculinity, femininity and life.

If I do not know, I say so and get appropriate information. I won’t bluff my players! They know the difference.

Parents are our partners. I strive to work with each family in helping their child succeed. “Every boy is a son, every girl a daughter to their mother and father.”

I love our players and the other coaches.

I use no profanity!

I know the difference between shaming and coaching. No screaming, shaming, swearing, or sarcasm.

I won’t be afraid to apologize! We all make mistakes. When mistakes are made publicly, I will apologize publicly; when mistakes are made personally, I will apologize personally.

We are nurturing successful people, not just successful athletes.

I treat all opposing coaches and their teams with honor deserving of true competitors.
I respect all referees, officials, and timekeepers. They are imperfect and trying their best just as

we are. Regardless of our wins and losses, we will be successful, if we carry out the above items.

Because I am a role model who has the power, position and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of my players, I commit to this code of conduct. When failing to live up to our standards I will allow for accountability and take responsibility for my actions.