3rd Graders may play in the Fall BU11 league on Monday nights

BU11 Box Info

BU9 players: Box Lacrosse is the single, best way to improve your game! The intense, non-stop action of Box will improve your dodging, shooting, defense, and team play. Join us at the SportsHouse – a world-class facility in our own backyard.

Why Box Lacrosse will get you better, faster:

  1. Stickwork, stickwork, stickwork! Smaller field, fewer players, no out-of-bounds = more reps and touches on the ball.
  2. Smaller goals teaches better shooting accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Short sticks only, all players play offense and defense, and relentless fast-breaks = improved Lacrosse IQ (game sense)

WHAT: SixFifty Lacrosse BU9 Winter Box League coming soon!

WHERE: The SportsHouse – 3151 Edison Way, Redwood City (map below)

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Players register as an individual and may request to be placed on a team with friends and/or teammates. Experienced coaches and refs provided.

  1. All players must be fully equipped (including shoulder pads, mouthpieces, and shin/knee pads for goalies)
  2. Each player will have one game per night.

6-on-6 (5 field players + goalie)

Three 15 minute periods and a 45 second shot clock.

Questions? Please email Matt at Thanks!


Directions to the Sportshouse:

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